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Aryz paints a large triptych mural in Carballo, Galicia

June 30, 2015
1 min read
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Right upon his arrival from recent trip to US, Aryz got straight to work in his homeland. In conjunction with Cultural forum Carballo, Galicia, he painted this large mural on the outside of the building.
Consisting of tree main parts, this distinctive piece forms a sort of triptych showing some of Aryz’ signature types of works. The largest part is showing a dissected car formed of abstract shapes. Borrowing some elements from his past work, such as organic-feeling, submerging elements, this section might be seen as the new direction for the Catalan artist. The other two smaller walls are figurative works, both playing with repetitiveness and created using masterful painting technique which he’s been working on lately. While thematically and style-wise different, the artist managed to harmonize these pieces together with limited palette that is blending with its surrounding as well as recurring details. Having a very limited time of only 10 days to finish this massive work, the results is still more than impressive.
Check out more photos after the jump and come back soon for more updates on Aryz work worldwide.

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