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Melbourne based artist Makatron (Everfresh Studio) finally completed his six metre tall Kama Sutra Burger in Sunshine Lane Brunswick nestled between artwork by Hush, Never Satisfied, Dscreet, ELK, Phibs, Unwell Bunny, Shida, Kaffeine, Nor, and a Nelio/Deams collaboration. Within twelve hours of completion, due to a neighbours complaints, the local council went past and tried to remove it. 
“When they came in yesterday I was happy to work with council to resolve it, I did not want it removed, I said I’d get Maka back in to make everybody happy,” says the owner, SAN’s own Mr Dean Sunshine.
After discussions, the council decided not to remove the artwork, and will be consulting with Mr Sunshine and Makatron next week to talk about potential modifications to the mural.
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