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POW! WOW! Hawaii: Alex “Defer” Kizu in Honolulu

Rom Levy Rom Levy
Rom Levy Rom Levy
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February 22, 2016
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Alex “Defer” Kizu is one of the premier OG West Coast graffiti writers that has been pushing for years his unique style in both the streets and galleries. Whenever you stumble across his pieces, you will immediately be thinking “Los Angeles.” His current work is flipped with a Japanese flavor, to celebrate his heritage, and it speaks to a broader audience.

Defer was obviously part of this year’s lineup for the always excellent POW! WOW! Hawaii festival which took place a few days ago on the streets of Honolulu. After a few days of work, the American artist brought to life some of his signature imagery for the locals to enjoy.
If you are in the area, you’ll be able to find the piece in the district of Kaka’Ako, so make sure to take a stroll around.

Take a look at more images after the break and stick with your friends at StreetArtNews to discover the latest murals from Hawaii.
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