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“Hapa” by Kamea Hadar in Honolulu

June 16, 2016
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Our friend Kamea Hadar just finished working on this new portrait of Barack Obama on the sunny streets of Honolulu in Hawaii.

The piece is entitled ‘Hapa’ which literally means “part” or “partial” in Hawaiian and refers to people of mixed race. The piece has to do with the idea that Hawaii is a melting pot of culture and mostly about racial equality. In the background is a speech that he gave in 2008 in Philadelphia where he spoke about his background and of racial equality.

The piece is doubly special to Kamea because his daughter was born halfway through the creation of the artwork! He was up on a ladder Friday May 13th at 3pm and by 9pm had a baby in my arms. Her name is Nova Namba Hadar and we are glad to welcome her in this world!

More images by Jonas Maon and Andrew Tran and a video by Redefined Media are awaiting for you below so take a look at let us know your thoughts down in our comments section.

HapaMural2 HapaMural3 Kamea Kamea2 WorkInProgress3 WorkInProgress4 WorkInProgress5

“Hapa” by Kamea Hadar in Honolulu

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