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POW! WOW! Hawaii: Borondo in Honolulu

March 6, 2016
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After New Delhi and India, Borondo travelled to Honolulu, Hawaii with JUSTKIDS to attend the always excellent POW! WOW! Hawaii festival.

Painting in the district of Kaka’Ako, the Spanish artist worked on two distinct spaces adjacent to each other. Just like in India, no human figures are present, but rather landscapes, scenery and location in a new conflict that preserves the typical poetic sensibility that accompanies his work.

Borondo was born in Spain 1989. He grew up in Segovia where his mother let him paint the hallway of his house and his father spent his life restoring Christ and Holy Mary. In 2003 he moves to Madrid where he strengthens his relationship with Graffiti. Some years after he starts visiting the studio of his “master” Jose Garcia Herranz. There he discovers the pleasure of experiment with different techniques and studies the old masters of painting.

rom_levy_borondo_hawaii-4 rom_levy_borondo_hawaii-1 rom_levy_borondo_hawaii-3Pictures by Rom Levy

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