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Aryz, Zoer & Daniel Munoz “SAN” Collaborate in Granollers, Spain

March 24, 2016
1 min read
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Supported by Roca Umbert creative platform from Granollers, Aryz, Zoer and Daniel Munoz San recently joined forces for a collaborative piece @ an abandoned textile factory. Battling unusually wet weather, 3 artist basically freestyled this collage piece.
Mixing their distinctive styles on a three part wall, the Spanish and French team created an unusual, eclectic piece. Featuring Zoer’s photo realistic cars as well as digitized letters, Daniel’s illustrative, line based characters, and Aryz’ pastel characters and almost abstract, organic shapes, the multi surface mural hides various details and elements. From background landscape to both large and smaller characters, the finished piece has a strong narrative feel to it.
Check out more detail and progress photos after the jump, and come back soon for more fresh updates from around the globe.

aryz_zoer_danielmunoz7Sanaz4 Sanaz3 Sanaz2 SANAZ1low

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