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POW! WOW! Hawaii: Kevin Lyons in Honolulu

March 2, 2016
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Kevin Lyons is a creative director, designer, illustrator and typographer who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Most recently, Lyons was a Partner and the Design Director at the juggernaut, anti-ad-agency-turned-ad-agency, ANOMALY in New York City. In his previous lives Lyons has been a Creative at Nike, Design Director at Stussy, Art Director at Girl Skateboards, and Creative Director for Tokion Magazine.

In Honolulu for the always excellent POW! WOW! Hawaii 2016, the American artist was given the perfect wall to bring to life some of his signature mischievous monsters.
Lyons began developing his funky monster characters after he had his first child. His daughter wouldn’t eat her school lunch, so Lyons drew monsters on her lunch bag with messages like “eat your eggs, or I’ll break your legs,” and other humorous (and mildly threatening) remarks.

Continue reading to discover a bunch of process images on this piece and if you are in the area, you’ll be able to find it in the district of Kaka’Ako.

IMG_7916 IMG_7971 IMG_8113 IMG_8111 IMG_8112 IMG_8110Pictures by Rom Levy

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