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“El Cuidado” by Liqen New mural in Kiev

August 9, 2016
1 min read
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A couple of months ago Liqen landed in Kiev, Ukraine in order to take part of the ongoing mural project ArtUnitedUs curated by Volodymyr Manzhos aka WaoneIryna Kanishcheva and photographer Geo Leros.
Known for his unique style, a refreshing mix of surrealism, satire and mysticism, Liqen’s work is predominantly figurative, often hiding a message that always goes far beyond the visible. His murals represent a vivid expression of his personal universe made possible through a recognisable imagery with which we can identify and relate to. Everyday life and the history of the places he visits are expressed through surreal and symbolic characters where nature, mythology, spirituality and metamorphosis play a central role.
Although the meaning of the mural hasn’t been revealed yet by the artist, it is easy to speculate on a possible relationship to Ukraine’s situation today; the flower representing Ukraine; the blue giant sitting on a chair, tradition; and the black cat under his chair, Russia which in some way can remind us of Bulgakov’s Behemot in The Master and Margarita. Whatever its real meaning is, or the intentions of the artist, the mural stands as an eye-catching piece and a good example of Liqen’s work.

liqen_el_cuidado_kiev_2 liqen_el_cuidado_kiev_3 liqen_el_cuidado_kiev_4liqen_el_cuidado_kiev_6liqen_el_cuidado_kiev

Images by Art United Us and Liqen.

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