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“The Story of My Life” by Logan Hicks on the Houston Bowery Wall

August 25, 2016
1 min read
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Stencil wizard Logan Hicks just took to the Houston Bowery wall which has been painted time and time again by some of the world’s greatest artists. First painted in 1982 by Keith Haring the wall has since been maintained and curated by its owners Goldman Properties. You may be familiar with the work they have done in Miami at the Wynwood Walls project.

After an initial attempt which was thwarted by mother nature Logan and his team began for a second time early last week. The mural which is titled, “The Story of My Life” is based on a photo set up by Hicks earlier in the year. He invited all friends and fans that could make it to the intersection of Greene and Spring Street to pose for a photo to help depict a visual narrative of his first 10 years in New York City. What came out of this photo session was an image that would eventually be painted with five layers of 210 stencils per layer.

Check out the process shots and finished piece below or if you find yourself in Manhattan over the next couple months the wall can be found at the intersection of Houston and Bowery.










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