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“Mutations” by SeaCreative in Cartagena, Spain

September 10, 2016
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Italian artist SeaCreative just painted a large piece entitled “Mutations” which was created inside a youth center in Cartagena, Spain.
Created for the One Urban Wolrd Festival, the artwork represents a magician, inspired by his most classic imagination. The origami represent the spirit of adaptation and change in people; a white sheet of paper that under a wise guidance can assume different shapes, according to the different situations life can challenge us with.

Since the early ninety’s, Fabrizio Sarti aka Secretive has been painting walls and train cars in and around Milan, Italy. Influenced by the art of Barry McGee and Phil Frost, he decided to leave aside his spray cans and move onto the use of paintbrushes and acrylics on a wider surface.

seacreative-new-mural-cartagena-01 seacreative-new-mural-cartagena-02 seacreative-new-mural-cartagena-04

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