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“Objects” a series by Ampparito in Spain

September 12, 2016
1 min read
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Ampparito just finished working on a super unique project which took him around Spain where he painted several walls.

All Ampparito’S work starts with a complex idea or a discussion, then he tries to simplify as much as he can, because he prefer not to lead people about what they should think (He thinks it is richer if everyone can make up their own opinion).

This particular series is focusing on simple everyday objects, which no one pays pretty much attention in a reflexive way that is why they are interesting and powerful to him, being a great subject matter to work with.

The base of this project is the union between unpretentious and oversized objects in unexpected locations, a high percentage of the piece is context. Rural places are ideal for Ampparito’s purposes because no one expects to find this kind of expression there, so, audience may speculate and digress more than if you are in a big city overwhelmed by information.
From an aesthetic point of view countryside permits the artist to make up sober compositions using a few elements and colours, which form a new landscape.

-Apparent useless things located in useless places creating an enigmatic and disconcerting reality, what works as a thinking activator.-

cable-tie socket pala2 pala1 metrobus-madrid match-collaboration-with-cucocola hammer fishbait-background bic-cap bic-cap-background

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