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“Primavera” by REKA in Buenos Aires

October 8, 2016
1 min read
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Mister James Reka has reached the sunny shores of South America where he was invited to take place in the Color Ba urban art event which took place on the streets of Buenos Aires.

After a few days of work, the Australian artist created a great piece of work entitled “Primavera” which translates to Spaing in English. REKA was influenced from the change of seasons in Buenos Aires during his stay. Leaves and flowers started to appear on the trees as the streets are coming back to life after a cold winter. REKA is now in Washington so keep your eyes peeled on our medias to discover more from him in the near future.

dji_0949 14525215_10211094530065497_1283500149976022207_o img_4784 reka

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