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Martin Ron in Banfield, Buenos Aires

April 7, 2020
1 min read
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Two days before social confinement, muralist Martin Ron was able to finish this stunning artwork in the city of Banfield. The artwork shows a child trying to mend over a punctured balloon heart.

“Today I look out from my balcony and the world has changed. Despite the drama that we have to live with, it comforts me to know that deep down the universe is wise. It’s obvious that the universe is sending us a message! Let’s take advantage of this pause to be able to interpret it.”, the artist said.

Martin Ron is known for painting hyper realistic surrealist imagery on a huge scale. The motto “Go big or go home” seems to be a mantra for his work, which often towers above the smaller pieces that dot Buenos Aries’ skyline, alleyways, and neighbourhoods.

Scroll down below to see more images of the mural.

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