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“Cocina” by Pastel in Buenos Aires, Argentina

November 3, 2020
1 min read
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Argentinean muralist Pastel recently finished a new work located in Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires. It is entitled “Cocina” and was painted on Plaza Roca water tower, that was built on 1950’s. The mural features floral designs and motifs that are visually integrated into the vegetation of the square.

This large-scale project is part of the celebrations for the 131st anniversary of Villa Ballester, together with the integral maintenance of the square. In addition, #BallesterCiudadCultural has an ongoing schedule of artistic activities.

Francisco Díaz aka Pastel is an artist and architect based in Buenos Aires. Pastel sees painting as a way of counteracting social gentrification. Similarly, his use of floral imagery ties into ideas of human nature and greater awareness toward our surroundings.

Check out below more closeup and overview images of “Cocina”.

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