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New Mural by PARBO in Buenos Aires, Argentina

November 4, 2021
3 min read
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Lucas Lasnier, aka PARBO recently worked on a new mural in Chacarita, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This mural work arises from talks in the middle of the pandemic with Alejandro the Owner of the coffee sshop “La Nueva Esmeralda”, a classic neighborhood store outside the commercial area of the city.

La Nueva Esmeralda coffee shop was on the verge of closing the business during the strict quarantines throughout 2020 in Argentina. Fortunately, thanks to the help of neighbors and customers , who are mostly neighborhood taxi drivers who have this place as their fixed stop.
Somehow the quarantine hit us all, in my case, being a visual artist who has been working in public spaces for 20 years, I went from having an active activity in the street to having to articulate my activity strictly indoors in my atelier. Already in 2021 with some airs of change and certain movements in the field of culture with activities that were recovering, I proposed to Alejandro the idea of painting a work on the side of his store, a self-managed work that helps us to resume our activities generating movement and attraction in order to somehow return and break the inertia of the pause imposed by the pandemic” PARBO stated.

This mural takes up the old spirit of the early days when we painted not for the applause or for the money, simply for the pleasure of finding an excuse to tell something new on a wall and that is linked to a very particular moment in the world. in which we are living.

Lucas Lasnierwas born in Mar del Plata and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a graphic designer and visual artist, professions that develops as founder Director of  KidGaucho.

He is a member of a generation of artists who have taken their talents in art and design environments beyond traditional galleries and commercial contexts. He threw paint on the street in 2001, experimenting first with letters and stencil graffiti. Being part of the pioneers in the local street art movement. Its performance is expressed in Buenos Aires and in different cities of Latin America and Europe.

Stay tuned for more updates on PARBO and the international street art scene!

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