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“TODO 2021” by Jorge Pomar and Franco Fasoli in Buenos Aires, Argentina

June 8, 2021
1 min read
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Muralists Jorge Pomar and Franco Fasoli have collaborated on a new mural entitled “TODO 2021”. The vibrant mural measures 10 x 3 meters and is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the early 2000s Pomar got in contact with graffiti and muralism, disciplines that led him travel the world in pursuit of his research and development as an artist. Jorge works on diverse themes, such as as vexillology, geometry and nature, focusing in the study of color across multiple disciplines: murals, drawings, ceramics, installations, photography, video and printed publications.

Franco Fasoli is one of the first urban artists to practice in Buenos Aires in the 90s under the name JAZ. He quickly evolves towards muralism, evolving towards a stylized figurative style. It first represents the icons of Argentine culture, then a large bestiary, a metaphorical pretext for a societal and political discourse.

Check out below to view more photos of the project.

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