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Per L’Australia / Passenger by Alice Pasquini Melbourne

November 18, 2016
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Italian street artist Alice Pasquini recently visited Melbourne to paint the exterior wall of the Museo Italiano in Carlton. The large ten metre mural took seven days to complete. When asked to describe the work, this is what she had to say: “The mural is dedicated to the history of Italian emigration to Australia, inspired by the works of the Italian Museum collection and documentation of the Italian Historical Society. A representation of the journey as an opening of possibilities, but also as a challenge to themselves and to their own identity. The traveler, conquering their own growth, discovers their deepest essence, through the expansion of their horizons. The elaboration of the memory of the trip is also a metaphor for development, a tool to bring out the sense of the inner and outer journey. The wall is also personal to me, as I myself have family living in Australia. I think that in our current times, it’s essential to remember that we all come from somewhere. Tracing a line through our ancestry, almost everyone has at least one relative who was a passenger at one point in time. We must remember this and the struggles they must have faced, and recall that empathy, compassion, and knowledge lead to growth.” Watch the local news coverage here







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