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Borondo unveils new works in Spain and Florida

December 4, 2016
1 min read
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Gonzalo Borondo just sent us a large update featuring a series of new pieces that were just completed in Jacksonville, Florida, Ordes in Spain and also Zaragoza.

The American piece is entitled “Show”, and shows the inside of a theatre painted using the Spanish artist loose style. It’s very impressive and is a perfect inside commentary on the American society.

“All that once was directly lived has become mere representation.”
Guy Debord, The society of the spectacle (1973)

The First Spanish piece is entitled “Sacrum Fieri” and is a mural intervention made in acrylic on wall which was painted in the high school ‘IES Maruxa Mallo’ of Ordes while the second one in Zaragoza is called “Psyche”.

Psyche is a site-specific intervention made in acrylic on wall located in the Delicias Park of Zaragoza. The park used to be property of the mental hospital while today is open to the public even if the institution continues to operate so the patients are still hanging out in the park.

show-borondo-jacksonville-florida-usa-2016-ph-iryna-kanishcheva-6 show-borondo-jacksonville-florida-usa-2016-ph-gonzalo-borondo-2 show-borondo-jacksonville-florida-usa-2016-ph-iryna-kanishcheva-5 show-borondo-jacksonville-florida-usa-2016-ph-iryna-kanishcheva-4 show-borondo-jacksonville-florida-usa-2016-ph-iryna-kanishcheva-3 show-borondo-jacksonville-florida-usa-2016-ph-gonzalo-borondo desorded-ordes-sp-2016-adrian-locre-1 desorded-ordes-sp-2016-adrian-locre-2 desorded-ordes-sp-2016-adrian-locre desorded-ordes-sp-2016-adrian-locre-5 desorded-ordes-sp-2016-adrian-locre-4 desorded-ordes-sp-2016-adrian-locre-3 asalto-zaragoza-sp-2016-7 asalto-zaragoza-sp-2016-8 asalto-zaragoza-sp-2016-6 asalto-zaragoza-sp-2016-5 asalto-zaragoza-sp-2016-4 asalto-zaragoza-sp-2016-3 asalto-zaragoza-sp-2016-2

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