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“This is not Make Up” by Elian in Buenos Aires

March 16, 2017
1 min read
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Our friend Elian just sent us some images from a brand new piece that just popped up on the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina for the first edition of the Festival Trama.

This piece was painted next to a garbage dump on the facade of an old iron factory. Elian’s main idea was to respect the brick and metal background with it’s textures, previous interventions and damage; not to create a violent coverage on the history indicators textures and life of the building. The top contour of the construction was crucial to create the directions of the used forms. The dynamic of the morphology tries to go with the flow of the cars in this big avenue.

The artwork is characterised by very few shapes and a lot of synthesis. It takes a few seconds to read the piece and the visual impact it is giving cleans the messy surrounding of the area.

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