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Claudio Ethos creates four murals in Caera and Beirut

April 25, 2017
3 min read
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Claudio Ethos is a renowned Brazilian street artist from Sao Paulo, widely known for his impressive large scale murals, highly distinctive for their great detail and captivating surrealist imagery. While we haven’t heard much from Claudio in a while, he has recently unveiled that he has painted 4 murals for two different festivals, on the other sides of the globe – large wall (as seen above) in Caera, Brazil, and three smaller murals in Beirut, Lebanon (as seen below).

Massive baby blue mural in Brazil is the most recent piece from all by Ethos. It is in the Contempoary art Museum of Ceara state and it took the artist six days to complete. It is related to the usual dreaming atmosphere of the artist – it is a guy golding a kite string and looking to the sky. This kind of kite is called “pipa” and it is very popular all over Brazil, from the youngest to the elderly. It is about a allusion of Brazilian popular culture.

The next three pieces were done last year for festival Urban Down in Beirut, Lebanon. Every each of them took one day to make. The neighbourhood where the artworks are located is called Ouzai. Artist inspiration for these three murals came from based on the usual contact with the neighbourhood, he chooses every colour for the artwork based on the setting and surroundings, so every piece looks good in the spot it is in.

First artwork down below is a guy falling from the sky with four hands, it could be understood as ability to built new ways to survive by having a set of extra hands.

Second artwork is of two people in a boat, and it is more related to the fantastic world, and more passionate atmosphere.

Third artwork is a head with floating hammer next to it, which makes an allusion for the judges of the law and their power. This subject is very important in Brazil right now, as the Brazilians had a coup of state in their fragile democracy last year, and lost their stability of economic and work rights, so they are at risk.

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