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Okuda in Odintsovo, Russia for Urban Morphogenesis

August 7, 2019
1 min read
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Just 19 kilometers from the Red Square, one of the largest mural-art festivals in the world has started. In just 30 days, more than 60 of the best contemporary artists will turn an ordinary high-rise housing estate into an open-air museum of contemporary art.

Spanish street artist Okuda just wrapped up a giant new facade in Russia for the first edition of the Urban Morphogenesis Street Art Festival.

Painting on the streets of Odintsovo, in the Moscow region, the prolific muralist brought to life an eye-popping mural which will surely bring some colors and happiness to the local residents. This gigantic street art piece was painted in just under a week-time by the artist and his assistants. Quite an achievement!

Along with Okuda, several artists are now in Russia for Urban Morphogenesis, so keep an eye out for the latest updates.

Images by Rom Levy

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