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Danila Shmelev for Urban Morphogenesis in Odintsovo, Russia

August 31, 2019
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Our friend Danila Shmelev just wrapped up a giant new mural on the streets of Odintsovo in Russia for the first edition of the Urban Morphogenesis Festival.

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His ‘plastic series’ has its origins in his work on canvas. These pieces portray canvases wrapped in a protective film that has been torn in various places. These trompe l’oeil artworks are executed in a continuum of dark greys, achieving a striking plastic effect. Danila then began covering city walls with cellophane, creating pieces in Italy and Belgium.

As the artist tells us: “A canvas wrapped in plastic is blank, something not yet begun, but when I was painting on a building, I found that it could be something still unsealed, something wrapped up, something not fully understood. There’s no clear reference point.” For Danila, working with walls feels more familiar: “Walls are natural. They’re primal things.”

Take a look at this awesome looking artwork below and keep checking back with us for more updates from the excellent Urban Morphogenesis Festival.

Images by Rom Levy

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