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“Protégeme” by Bosoletti in Valencia, Spain

May 23, 2017
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Our good friend Francisco Bosoletti has just send in some images of his most recent work in Valencia, Spain called “Protégeme”. Artist said that at the moment he is very focused on his work with negative paintings. This concept starts on the street, to talk about different realities that exist but we do not see, the things that are at first sight but we only see the superficial part, and that there are many ways of seeing things. Artist found this to be perfect for his subject and composition, in addition to that especially that this mural is not invasive for the place. It is pretty much invisible, and the artist likes the idea that people might pass it without understanding too much of it, and some will understand, see the full picture and know that there is more that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Artist has sent in some poetry too, although in Spanish…


Entra en mi casa, llévame hacia las playas lejanas y exuberantes, colora mis vestidos y mis ventanas, limpia el sudor de mi frente, toca con los tambores de tus ondas a mi familia y salvala de los peligros, rompe lo viejo y haz brillar lo nuevo, da paz a la espera sin aliento de las madres, alcanza a quien no puede moverse, haz florecer las plantas y corazones, déjame entrar en tus aguas saladas.

 Giuseppina Ottieri

See below for more pictures of this mural, normal pictures together with negative photographic filter. Also stay tuned on Streetartnews for more updates from France.

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