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New Work By Kobra Pays Tribute To Vivian Maier In Chicago

Jreich Jreich
Jreich Jreich
My introduction to art & street art was mostly through album artwork. I was drawn to Futura 2000 (via UNKLE), Steve "Espo" Powers (Tommy Guerro), Paul Insect (DJ Shadow), and Bansky (Blur) before I even knew what street art was. Spray paint is banned in my home town of Chicago, so the internet became my portal to the world as I leaned about amazing artists creating on walls all around the globe. My day job is in music, but I continue to have a strong passion and respect for artists of all mediums.
June 26, 2017
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World renowned Brazilian artist Kobra returned to Chicago Illinois this month.

Kobra last visited Chicago to create his acclaimed 10-story Muddy Waters mural as part of Big Walls 2016 – a mural festival facilitated by Columbia College and The Wabash Arts Corridor . Having come back to Chicago for the well-publicized mural dedication on June 8th, 2017, Kobra and the curatorial team revisited a discussion the group
had had during the festival about executing another piece using an image of the prolific, mid-century urban photographer, Vivian Maier. While Maier was largely unknown during her lifetime (1926-2009), but her work has captured the attention of the world after being discovered in 2008 spawning books, exhibitions, and a documentary film.

The artist, once again, collaborated with Lindsey Meyers and Simone Garcia -the duo behind Chicago-based Beauty & Brawn Art Gallery/Sinergia Arts .

The Vivian Maier mural is located at 1651 W. North Avenue at Paulina & the EPIC Muddy Waters mural is located in the Chicago Loop at 17 N State Street at Washington Street .

Keep up with Kobra on Instagram at @kobrastreetart and his website

Photo credits and a big thank you to Lindsey Meyers and Simone Garcia of Beauty & Brawn Art Gallery/Sinergia Arts (!

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