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Artist Retrospective: Kobra

January 21, 2022
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Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra has become one of the most recognizable and prominent muralists of our time. Kobra is known for utilizing bold kaleidoscopic colors and bold geometric compositions to complete large-scale portraits.

As an artist, Kobra draws inspiration both from society and human beings as individuals; in particular, human behavior. Protesting such topics as the mistreatment of animals, war, and poverty, it is important that each work of art communicates a message of peace.

“Genial Is Riding a Bike” in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2015

Historical figures and musical masterminds continue to be Eduardo Kobra’s favorite subjects. He has done portraits of Tupac Shakur, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Notorious B.I.G., Ray Charles, Kurt Cobain, and Jim Morrison. Albert Einstein, Basquiat, Abraham Lincoln, the Dalai Lama, Andy Warhol, and Anne Frank  are just a few of the others who Kobra has honored on walls.

“Etnias” in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, 2016

With works on five continents, he currently holds the record for the largest graffiti mural in the world. The mural is painted on a vast 190-metre-long wall in the city’s formerly run-down port area, Praça Mauá, measuring almost 3,000 square metres. The mural is entitled “etnias” or “ethnicities” in English and used approximately 100 gallons of white paint, 1,500 litres of coloured paint, and at least 3,500 cans of spray paint.

Scroll down below to view our selection of Kobra’s best works over the years.

Mural in World Trade Center Campus, New York, 2021

Mural in World Trade Center Campus, New York, 2021

“Let Me Be Myself” in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016

Using his signature kaleidoscope-like style, Kobra worked several days to create this huge and beautiful portrait of Anna Frank, a German-born diarist and writer.

“Fight For Street Art” featuring Basquiat and Warhol in New York City, USA, 2014

“The Bedouin” in Dubai, UAE, 2015

Brazilian street artist painted this 26 meters high by 11 meters wide building which is now featuring one of signature kaleidoscopic portraits. The Bedouin are an Arab ethnocultural group, descended from nomads who have historically inhabited the Arabian and Syrian Deserts.

Portrait of Alfred Nobel for in Sweden, 2014

“Arthur Rubinstein” in Lodz, Poland, 2014

The Brazilian artist painted this tribute to Arthur Rubinstein using his signature style. Arthur Rubinstein, KBE was a Polish American classical pianist. He received international acclaim for his performances of the music written by a variety of composers and many regard him as the greatest Chopin interpreter of his time.

Portrait of Polynesian women in Papeete, Tahiti, 2015

Portrait of Vivian Maier In Chicago, USA, 2017

Portrait of Albert Einstein in Los Angeles, USA, 2013

The painting is located on La Brea Avenue, at the same location where he had previously painted the Mount Rushmore piece back in 2012. Kobra traveled to North America after being invited by Mr. Brainwash, the polemic french street artist who was the protagonist of Banksy’s documentary “Exit through the gift shop”.

The artwork, which is 82 ft height and 26 ft width, shows a contemplative portrait of Albert Einstein through the colourful visual language of Kobra, which comprises a mixture of colours and geometric forms along with an hyper realistic feel.

For more stunning works from talented muralist, check out our #Kobra page!

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