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Lunar & Lonac in Dubrovnik, Croatia

April 8, 2016
1 min read
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Croatian artists Lunar and Lonac recently joined forces to create a large piece just outside of ancient town of Dubrovnik in Croatia. This was the first time that the two artists collaborated and as fans of Star Wars the motive came spontaneously.

Mural depicts Lunar’s signature character cat, sleeping and dreaming about being a X-wing pilot, shooting lasers at Darth Vader`s troops and AT-AT transporters. The playfulness of the image is accented with details such as characters or toys lying down or sitting on pillows and stars, the moon and Death Star hanging from the ceiling, all creating a feel of a kid’s room. For this piece the artists intertwined their styles – Lonac’s hyper realism and Lunar’s graffiti letters and characters, continuing Lonac’s series of murals that show kid’s toys and play. To round up the piece, the artists twisted the iconic movie intro “Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away…” into “Once upon a time in a flat not far from yours…”
See more photos of this sweet piece after the jump and stay tuned for more fantastic street collaborations coming soon.





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