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Kevin Ledo and Paola Delfin in Miami

December 30, 2017
2 min read
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Being artist friends, it’s bound to happen that a collaborative mural is going to come up. Kevin and Paola have been friends for quite a few years now and they hang out whenever the stars align and they are in the same city. They met in Cancun for the WAD mural festival almost 4 years ago. Straight after the festival, they decided to try out their first collaborative mural, which was done as a private commission at a residence back in Cancun. This time – the collaboration happened for The Raw Project in Miami…

We spoke earlier in the year about doing a collaboration mural again, but didn’t know that it would be for the Raw Project in Miami this year. Everything worked out for us to be the pilot project for a new edition of the Raw Project in Brownsville, Miami. The elementary school is in an under serviced school in a rough neighbourhood. Next year The Raw Project is slated to have a large group of artists come in and revamp the walls of the school, as well as help raise money for things that the school needs help with.

Paola Delfin and Kevin Ledo painted Namu Mandoeng, their artist friend, Claudia La Bianca’s son, who lives in a fantastic world of space travel, creativity and imagination. The artists aimed to bring a fun mural for the children of this school, who, by the time they are adults, will have people living on mars..

Special thanks to Enriqueta Arias, Boysen Paints Philippines and Asociación AIRE for donating their eco paint to be a part of the creation of this mural: this paint cleans the environment by absorbing Co2 from the air! And big thanks to Robert Skran for all the friendship, support and all the hard work.

Check out more in-progress shots below and stay tuned for more updates from Miami!

Pictures by David Lee and Robert Skran

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