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“Diagnosis of a Like” by SHOK-1 in Wynwood, Miami

December 9, 2015
1 min read
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‘Diagnosis of a Like’ is a new mural installation painted at Art Basel Miami 2015 by aerosol X-ray artist SHOK-1. The piece look into our obsession with Likes in this era, questioning whether this behaviour is healthy. It marks the artist’s first time painting for this major event.

After experimenting with a number of styles that lean more toward illustration and caricature, the England-born fine artist has primarily focused on one unique style that sets him apart from others, which is harder to do in the ever-more-dense street art genre.
Clavicles, metacarpals, femurs, tibiae, fibulae, patellae, mandible, scapulae, sternum, vertebrae, and coccyx; all of these and many fictional hybrids of them comprise the glowing X-ray compositions that distinguish Shok-1’s work on walls around the world.
'Diagnosis-of-a-Like'-SHOK-1 detail 3 'Diagnosis-of-a-Like'-SHOK-1 detail 2 my bad - photo by SHOK-1'Diagnosis-of-a-Like'-SHOK-1 image credit todd mazer 'Diagnosis-of-a-Like'-SHOK-1 detail 3 'Diagnosis-of-a-Like'-SHOK-1 detail 2 my bad - photo by SHOK-1Black and white images by Todd Mazer

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