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Lu Yorlano and El Lolo in Córdoba, Argentina

December 27, 2017
1 min read
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Our good friend Lu Yorlano has just sent in some pictures of her latest collaboration work in Córdoba with her colleague El Lolo. They have been painting murals together with their collective project called “Sapo Rojo“, but until now they haven’t shared a wall to paint on!

El Lolo and I have been painting some collective murals together for a while, but always with other colleagues, so this would be our first mural together. Our objective was to blend our styles (which are not defined but in murals I mainly do abstract / organic patterns and El does figurative / portraits). Trying to find new ways in which the mixture contains both essences, but if seen generally it looks like one strong piece of art. I find really enriching to share the whole process with a colleague in which you have to hand over some of your ways to create so as you find new ones, searching for those hidden spots beneath, that only see the light while sharing and creating with others (like a story of encounters and disencounters)…

Check out more pictures of the mural located somewhere in the Córdoba’s neighbourhood called “Barrio Jardín” below and stay tuned for more updates from South America!

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