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Luca Ledda creates three new murals in Mexico

December 1, 2017
2 min read
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It has been quite a while since we last heard from Luca Ledda, but he is back with more murals completed all over Mexico! Three different projects, three different approaches, three different places, one country…

First mural was completed for an art project “Board Dripper”. In 2009 the project was founded in Queretaro, Mexico with the goal to bring together some of the best artists to promote and merge skate, street and graffiti cultures; highlighting the importance of art as a social communication tool. Since the first edition was very successful locally, the organisers turned it into a yearly event that would evolve up until now. This years theme was ”Fricciòn”.

Second artwork was done for Tuxtla Ciudad – project created by Colectivo Tomate, with the purpose of generating favourable conditions in the community of Copoya in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico. To dignify their urban aesthetics and promote the expression of muralism as a link tool between artists and residents of the community… All of this is achieved through the creation of representative collective murals. But the project goes beyond the mere act of painting, it develops bonds between members of communities and promotes their identity. These bonds, extended to the international artists, the local artists and the locals, will define the experience…

The theme that I developed for these two walls was “Nature against Human” – it tells about a sort of revenge from the nature against the exploitation of the humans!

— Luca Ledda

Third mural was a collaboration with Brazilian artist Fredone Fone in Playa del Carmen at a project organised by “Imsoniak Art”. It’s a mix of opposite style, geometric and figurative shapes inside a visual field…

Check out more mural pictures below and stay tuned for more updates from Brazil and Luca Ledda!

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