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For nearly two months WiseTwo traveled all over Mexico gathering knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration that later gave birth to some powerful murals… WiseTwo had the opportunity to paint in Mexico City, in collaboration with Le super demon for HidroArteMX. Later on in Cholula in collaboration with Jumu Monster, Puebla for La Rueda street art project, in San Miguel de Allende for Muros en Blanco mural project, in Oaxaca city…

This trip was a special trip for WiseTwo, allowing him to immerse in the culture, the food, the good positive vibes that created such beautiful murals all over these parts of Mexico.

Check out a video and a gallery of pictures below and stay tuned on StreetArtNews for more updates from Mexico…

Modestas Moe Noreika

About Modestas Moe Noreika

Modestas is a street art enthusiast who has been active in the scene for a few years, during that time has participated on production in projects around the world and continues to manage StreetArtNews print store. He is currently freelancing in the street art scene and is based in the UK.