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Preview: Chris Reddy “All is Lies” Solo Show @ Filo Sofi Arts, NYC

December 1, 2017
3 min read
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Filo Sofi Arts is pleased to announce, “All Is Lies”, an exhibition by Norwegian-based artist, Chris Reddy.  Chris Reddy (b. Tromsoe, Norway, 1970) has become known for his vibrant, psychedelic paintings and drawings that merge abstraction and figuration in a rhythmic and seamless stream of consciousness. Drawing upon the mundane scenes of daily life and the churning of a world in disarray, Reddy’s work is radiant and dynamic; at once colorful and virtually playful, yet dislocated and dark in its realizations.

Employing a diverse range of aesthetic sources, including; American, Indian, African and European pre art history’s visual culture, street art, cartoonesque ideograms, architectural ornamentation and modernist painting, Reddy’s work investigates the gap between visual art, the written word and the art of storytelling. Reddy’s intuitive techniques yield the crystallization of a complete moment, allowing his paintings to unfold and capture a stream of consciousness or subconsciousness.

His paintings, like a self-contained system, seem to multiply, constantly recreating themselves, mimicking the infinite and paradoxical cycle of nature’s endless creation. This broad perspective is apposed and infused with the mundane energies of our globalized society and the official, absurd and hyperreal stories spun out each day through media portals of our choice. All is Lies is derived from the root of our zeitgeist – finding truth or lies everywhere in an endless web of layered information, propaganda and deceptions. A snake biting its own tail, the impossibility of objectivity in a subjective world.

Chris Reddy is an Indian / South African / Norwegian artist based in Norway and his work was seen public as early as 1983, doing murals with his arctic graffiti crew, the Tac Team. Reddy is the first and only artist in the world to have had the honor of being the Visual Voice of the 2014 Chess Olympiad. Reddy has received multiple grants from the Norwegian Council of Culture to support his continuous evolvement, including Arbeidsstipend fra NBK and Sparebankstiftelsen Nord Norge.

He received his MFA from the Academy of Fine Art of Oslo in 1999 and has been present in the international underground art scene since 1991, worked with global brands like The North Face and Tom Wood and done streetart projects from LA to Reykjavik.

Chris Reddy All Is Lies, is on view at 254 Broome street from November 30st – December 31st, 2017, Wednesday through Sunday, from 12:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

All Photo’s Copyright 2017 Matthew A. Eller.  Follow me on Instagram @ellerlawfirm.

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