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The Crystal Ship: Zoer x Velvet in Ostend, Belgium

April 2, 2018
2 min read
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We kick off our yearly coverage of “The Crystal Ship Festival” with a brand new piece from Zoer and Velvet which was just completed on the streets of Ostend in Belgium.

“The aim of The Crystal Ship is to bring art closer to people, to residents. Our approach is to have artists do their thing in the centre of town, right on neighbourhood walls, in all the places where people live, work, etc. The first two editions of The Crystal Ship have proved that art in Ostend is right there next to you, accessible, and that this was and is enormously appreciated,” according to the proud mayor Johan Vande Lanotte.

Meaning quest is at the heart of Zoer’s work.This observer horns in, captures the real to better puzzle it out. His personal vision points his drawings from his early ages. His artistic language cultivates paradox. Often violence of the subject can resonate with the delicacy of the render. Precision justifying disorder, realism approaching utopia. Travelling the world for painting, he wants to settle in the landscape, considering the place he chooses to appropriate, thus giving it a new point of view.

Velvet CSX, whose real name is Matthieu Pommier, first started painting walls in the early 2000’s in the western part of France. The maritime and industrial landscapes were a great inspiration to him and it quickly awoke his creativity. Passionate drawer, he chose to dedicate his studies to applied arts, and then to a degree in product design.
Nowadays, as both an industrial designer and artist, he observes the world, with a critical but admiring eye, and focuses on humans and their environment as well as the objects they design.

Take a look at a lot more images by Egmond Dobbelaere below and keep checking back with us throughout the week for more updates from the street art of Ostend.

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