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“Education” by Hyuro in Sagunto, Spain

May 21, 2018
2 min read
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This wall by Hyuro is located in the courtyard of a primary public school in Sagunto, Spain.

The artist had a pleasure to talk with different groups of children and answer the amount of questions they asked, motivated by an inexhaustible longing to know and discover new things.

This wall talks about the current educational system in Spain, an education that doesn’t guide, nor encourages the curiosity, creativity and motivation that every child carries within.
The Spanish educational system remains anchored in a method based on the previous industrial revolution. Schools continue to prioritize a rigid educational method, lacking in creativity, where memory continues to play a central role. A training that points to a good performance of exams.
Hyuro’s two kids go to public schools, children spend the most time of the day at school, almost eight hours a day. Practically their activities take place within the school, the average of outdoor activities are between five and six a year, some courses more, others less, activities that decreases as they grow.
In some way they end up forming within spaces that take care of teaching them since small how to integrate and submit into the relationships of power and domination. Instead of stimulating the desire to challenge and question doctrines, forcing them to look for alternatives, to use their imagination and proceed freely under their own intuition, we continue with an educational system that prefers to ensure that people are indoctrinated and conformed, that they be obedient and do not ask many questions so that satisfactorily assume the assigned roles.

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