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“Home” by Pøbel in Teriberka, Russia

August 13, 2018
2 min read
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“家” (“Home”), is Pøbel’s latest piece in Teriberka. More than 100 people in Teriberka have been forced to move from their homes. This is one of many beautiful buildings scheduled for demolition this year. Many locals have already been relocated to Kola and their neighbouring town, Lodeinoe. This makes way for development in tourism, and these vacant houses will give way to tourist infastructure, mainly for northern lights tourists from China. This new piece by Pøbel encourages people to discuss these issues.

Komafest: New Chapter is an art and placemaking project. It is initiated and led by the Norwegian artist Pøbel and the Vardø based placemakers Restored (NO). Since 2011 Pøbel has done several art projects dealing with centralisation and natural resources in Vardø.

Komafest: New Chapter takes place in Teriberka, an old fishing village on the north coast of the Kola Peninsula in Russia. Over the last 30 years Teriberka has lost 90% of its population. This is a result of the centralisation policy of the Barents Sea fisheries.

By the end of this year, the majority of the town’s buildings are scheduled for demolition, forcing the locals of Teriberka to vacate their homes. In Vardø, Norway, the population has been reduced by 60% due to similar challenges with centralisation and the loss of rights to harvest from the ocean.

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