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Artist Retrospective: Pøbel

October 26, 2021
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Pøbel (meaning hooligan) is a pseudonymous Norwegian street artist based in Stavanger. He is best known for the Getto spedalsk (Ghetto leperous) project, decorating abandoned buildings in at the Lofoten islands in the north of Norway, along with notable collaborator “Dolk“.

Being fascinated by the graffiti and street art movement that happened in the bigger cities, he was inspired to take this urban culture and place it in the middle of nowhere.. turning it into a strange kind of Norwegian “wild” style.

“The Lovers” in Bryne, Norway, 2020

Mural in Vardø, Norway, 2012

Mural by Pøbel and Dolk Lofoten, Islands, Norway, 2015

Norwegian artists, Pøbel and Dolk organised the “Getto Spedalsk” (“Ghetto Leper”) urban art project to draw attention to the depopulation and decay occurring in rural Norway, specifically on the remote Lofoten Islands, 95 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Over the next few years, they worked on murals on abandoned barns throughout the islands. The pieces tend to be somewhat lighthearted like Julie Andrews singing and Batman being pushed in his wheelchair by Robin.

“Home” in Teriberka, Russia, 2018

“家” (“Home”), is Pøbel’s piece in Teriberka. More than 100 people in Teriberka have been forced to move from their homes. This is one of many beautiful buildings scheduled for demolition this year. This makes way for development in tourism, and these vacant houses will give way to tourist infastructure, mainly for northern lights tourists from China. This piece by Pøbel encourages people to discuss these issues.

Mural in Horsens, Denmark, 2013

Mural in Bryne, Norway, 2015

“Trump Muted” in Hollywood, Boulevard, 2016

Pøbel, dressed in black and geared with a pizza box,  quickly drop a stenciled muted sign over Donald Trump’s name back in 2016 in Hollywood.

Mural in Nordland County, Norway

For more updates on the talented Norwegian artist, check out our #Pøbel page!

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