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“Flower Fields” by Drew Visuals in Los Angeles

September 18, 2018
2 min read
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Drew‘s new mural titled “Flower Fields” in the Downtown Art District of Los Angeles, California fills a 135 foot wide wall with his signature Wildflowers.

These flowers are a representation of life. Each individual flower has its own identity and beauty, just as we do, but together they come together to make an even greater beautiful piece. The mural stretches 135 feet wide x 100 feet tall.

It took about three weeks to complete. “This mural is my first mural in the Art’s District. I have a friend who own’s MadHappy, a clothing company based out of Los Angeles, that approached me and told me his buddy was remolding a warehouse space in downtown and was looking for a artist to paint a mural. He brought me to the spot and asked if I would be interested. Without hesitation I said yes, ultimately not knowing at all how I was going to pull this off as I had never worked on something this large before. About three weeks later, I stepped back and completed the mural. It still doesn’t seem reel as I have only dreamed about completing a project this big before. I am super happy with the way it came out, and I am starting a new mural at WeTransfer in Venice this week!”

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