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“Resurrection of Angels Part 2” by Fin DAC in Los Angeles

March 16, 2017
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While the goal of most muralists is to create work in high traffic areas, internationally renowned urban artist Fin DAC prefers to send art seekers on a scavenger hunt to find secluded artworks. His Hidden Beauty series is a collection of murals that invites fans to explore uncharted territory for the chance to be rewarded with a glimpse of his rarest installations. These works span every corner of the globe and can be discovered in locations as diverse as Australia, Wales, The Netherlands and Hong Kong.

After much anticipation, the Urban Aesthetics artist has just revealed Highland Park as the home to his newest addition to this series. The new mural entitled Resurrection of Angels Part 2 is the Eastside counterpart to his recent West LA mural (Resurrection of Angels Part 1), at The Love Shack in Venice.

This isn’t the first time Fin DAC has utilized the concept of angels as a central theme. During his first trip to LA a few years ago, he and local duo DTOAR created Redemption of Angels, an iconic mural painted in downtown Los Angeles that survived for several years before being torn down.

“Since then I’ve had this burning desire to come back here and do it all again,” he said. “But because I was essentially resurrecting the same concept, I knew I had to raise the stakes, do it better and make it more impactful.”

“Part of my creative process on this series was the idea of guardian angels and in particular those moments where you receive a little nudge from someone or something to push you in the right direction. My decision to pursue art as a career was a direct result of one of those moments so it’s particularly poignant for me.”

Highland Park’s Resurrection of Angels can be found in the avenues of the N Figueroa Street corridor.

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