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Wythe Hotel’s April Art Exhibition opens in New York City tonight

April 9, 2019
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The “April Art Exhibition” will be opening on April 9th in New York City as part of the Wythe Hotel’s commitment to fostering arts and creativity.

This new exhibition will be featuring works on paper by painter Marina Adams, basketball bag extraordinaire Andrea Bergart, the imaginative Michelle Segre, and Brooklyn’s very own Jason Stopa.

Since the hotel officially kicked off its hotel art program with artist and curator Kimia Kline at the helm, Wythe Hotel has cultivated an impressive permanent collection featuring artists such as Katherine Bradford, Chris Martin, EJ Hauser, Steve DiBenedetto, and Yevgeniya Baras. Upon joining the hotel in 2015, cultural producer Rachael Petach has worked to bring performing arts into the hotel spaces, with original pieces from Quenton Stuckey, Sarah Kinlaw, Kyle Marshall, Camila Falquez and others. Together, Kimia and Rachael head the hotel Residency Program, offering independent artists further opportunities to develop new pieces and share their work with broader audiences.

The hotel’s permanent collection consists of unique works in each guest room, a tribute to the Brooklyn local creative community and the diversity of talent to be found in the storied neighborhood. Each hotel room features original artworks from artists within their community. The collection primarily focuses on sketchbooks and in-process pieces, emphasizing interest in the creative process. Some rooms feature handwritten notes and artists next to the work, while others have deconstructed sketchbooks filled with potential imagery. Wythe Hotel’s hope is to foster a connection between its guests and the wider creative community of Brooklyn.

The exhibition will be opening on April 9th from 7-9 pm at 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn.

Entry is free with RSVP to [email protected]

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