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“Asteroid RS” DALeast Limited Edition Print – November 7th

November 7, 2019
1 min read
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Our friend DALeast will be releasing a brand new print today with the good people from Hashimoto Contemporary.

DALeast utilizes acrylic paint and ink to create swirling ribbons of lines which are built up to create the animal figures. In addition to works on canvas that were displayed at the exhibition, the artist created a series of ink and watercolor works on paper. These works depict a natural progression in DALeast’s process, capturing a frenetic sense of energy and portraying figures that appear to have been built up and arisen from that very energy. The animal figures seem to unravel yet merge all at the same time, appearing to be almost half mechanical.

Entitled “Asteroid RS”, the chinese artist created a series of 50 unique hand-finished screen prints. They measure 30 x 17 inches and come signed and numbered by the artist.

The print will be dropping today Thursday, 7th November at 10am PT via Hashimoto’s website.

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