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Shai Dahan latest mural in the Lower East Side, NYC

January 14, 2020
1 min read
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Our friend Shai Dahan recently wrapped up a 60 feet high up artwork on the streets of New York City in the USA.

After moving to Sweden in 2010, Dahan began to create a new reinvention of the Swedish Dala Horse (Dalecarlian horse). Dahan began to paint the Swedish traditional Dala Horse as a realistic horse that carries the Kurbits colors and patterns of the original wooden statuettes. Shortly after creating a few illegal Dala Horse wheatpastes around neighborhoods in Sweden, Dahan’s paintings began to generate media attention. After his Dala Horses were published in the newspaper in the city of Borås as well as in Gothenburg, Dahan began to get much attention for his Dala Horse painting and has been mostly recognized in Scandinavian countries for his technique of painting wild horses as the historic Dalahästs.

Painting on Broome Street, it took approximately four days for Shai Dahan to complete this 18 meters high Swedish Dala Horse. The piece will be on display for your pleasure for the next two years.

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