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JR Unveils Massive Outdoor Mural In Domino Park, His Largest To Date In Ny

February 10, 2020
1 min read
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The Brooklyn Museum unveiled the renowned French artist JR’s new massive outdoor mural in Domino Park in Williamsburg.

This the latest mural in a series of murals he has made cross Brooklyn in connection with his Brooklyn Museum exhibition, JR: Chronicles currently on view. For this mural, titled “The Chronicles of New York”, he photographed over 1,000 New York residents and reproduced them at a monumental scale on the side of stacked shipping containers in Domino Park, adding to the stunning views of the Williamsburg Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. Overlooking the East River, the epic mural is a portrait of New York City, featuring individuals from all five boroughs.

The mural installation is designed in collaboration with the architectural firm LOT-EK, which is known for its sustainable and innovative approach to construction through the reuse of existing industrial objects and systems such as the shipping container.

In conjunction with the Brooklyn Museum’s current exhibition, JR: Chronicles, the Museum is working with JR on a series of public murals throughout Brooklyn. Like with JR’s other projects, he is collaborating with community partners to make these possible and have already installed murals at Kings Theatre in Flatbush and the Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance in Bedford Stuyvesant.

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