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Ana Barriga’s mural intervention in Barcelona

April 7, 2020
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To celebrate the  closing of TÀPIA collective show, B-Murals invited Ana Barriga Oliva to paint a wall at La Sagrera’s Espacio30. This new mural intervention joins the other 3 parallel walls that were created during this exhibition which put 24 of the best figurative and neomuralism painters together,atthe B-Murals Gallery at Nau Bostik.

This new work was inspired by some of the objects that the artist looks for in some popular flea markets as Madrid’s own ‘El Rastro’. The image portrays one of Ana’s latest findings: 2 pottery figures that create a casual but tender composition in that trash-pop style so characteristic of Barriga’s artwork, all of it with a super personal treatment of colour and using different techniques such as oil painting, varnish and spray cans.

The resulting piece offers to the popular neighborhood of La Sagrera an image that, besides of being paradigmatic of Ana’s creative process, compose a universal scene of love and fraternity, representing the best final act for the closing of TÀPIA, joining the previously done murals by Jofre Oliveras, Axel Void, Emilio Cerezo and Fafa Márquez as a part of the parallel activities that took place during the exhibition.

This work has been possible thanks to the collaboration between the Sant Andreu district and Espacio30 with Barcelona’s City Council. It has been managed by B-Murals and local artist Sergi Bastida was supporting Ana.

If you are in the area, you’ll be able to find the piece @ Passatge de Bofarull, besides Espacio 30 and Nau Ivanow (La Sagrera, Barcelona).

Ana Barriga’s mural intervention in Barcelona

Photo credits: Álex Puig Ros @lxpgrs

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