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KMG PositivitADS in London, UK

May 21, 2020
3 min read
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Scottish artist KMG has been spreading some much needed positivity in these strange times with two new pieces in London.

Via a friend, KMG was approached by Brotherhood Media, who are owners of billboards for music marketing all around London. Brotherhood Media had the excellent idea of using their billboards for something more than just advertising. The idea was to use the billboards to spread some positive and supportive messages to passersby. It’s a truly inspiring idea to give something uplifting for people who might just need it at this time.

A hug

KMG came up with two pieces influenced by her own personal experiences alongside that of family members and friends also. The first piece is called ‘Not Now, But Soon‘ and features KMG’s Ken character giving a hug. KMG told us “I actually first painted the Ken Hug in Aberdeen when I was going through a pretty rough time a couple of years ago. I guess it was a reflection of how I was feeling and what I needed at that point. Now it’s become a symbol of strength for me despite it’s unashamed vulnerability
She added that “Many of us are really missing our loved ones and struggling with the lack of emotional connection and support during lockdown. So I guess I just wanted to use Ken to promote a sense of encouragement and hope that although things are rough now, to stay strong and when this shit show passes we’ll once again be able to hug our loved ones”

A simple message

The second piece is called ‘Love Will Keep us Apart‘. In this piece you can see KMG’s two characters going to great lengths to stay in touch. The characters are using cans on a string, love letters, carrier pigeons and even a monocular!
The message here, a simple one according to the artist. “I think the majority of people understand the importance of this and how shit it feels to not be able to hang out with your pals, families or partners right now but that it’s just what we have to do to protect each other. I wanted to try and put this message out there in a way that could uplift peoples spirits a bit and make them appreciate how strong we can all be in the face of this all. Love’s a pretty powerful thing”

Photo by Mark Rigney @Hookedblog

Photo by Mark Rigney @Hookedblog

Photo by Mark Rigney @Hookedblog

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