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Henry Hudson in East London

June 11, 2020
2 min read
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British Contemporary artist Henry Hudson just finished this 13 x 4 meter wall mural in East London. This mural features Peter Liversidge’s artwork that stood on the corner of Roman Road and Grove Road.

Beginning the evening of April 9, 2020, Peter Liversidge started posting a series of his hand painted signs which honor health care workers fighting COVID-19 and raise awareness around safe practices. “I myself during this lockdown period had been making oil on canvas works of the local area, making note of signs, protests, council blockades, directions and street art. Notably around the park as this held refuge for me during my one day walk in nature. I didn’t know Peter was the artist until I started on this wall mural, and was planning to keep his message alive a little long”, Hudson said.

Henry Hudson is a contemporary British artist known for his uniquely textured paintings sculpted from plasticine. His latest project involved photographing some of the art world’s most influential people to create a series of iPad Portraits. Hudson travelled the world visiting artists, curators, gallerists, critics and collectors culminating in thirty unique artworks which are being exhibited in London during 2020.

Take a look below of more images and detail shots of the mural.

Details images courtesy of Monoprixx

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