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“S Y N” by Giulio Vesprini in Brixen, Italy

October 22, 2021
2 min read
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Giulio Vesprini  is back with his latest work in Bressanone/Brixen, Italy. Bressanone, multiform and communicative, is an extension of the structure and the natural landscape in which it connects. The location is a meeting place and union of many youth and cultural realities of Bressanone, which, through this intervention increasingly between Art and Architecture, acquires a clear and strong sense of identity that speaks to the community.

“Union, connection, cohesion, completion, complexity, contemporaneity: these are the meanings that Giulio Vesprini brings with his new work “SYN “to the city of Bressanone.

Giulio Vesprini was born in 1980 in Civitanova Marche (Italy) where he lives and works. He has attended two major schools: Accademy of Fine Arts and the Departement of Architecture. He has obtained various awards and publications related to his graphic design, urban art and illustration work.

He moves freely from graphic to illustration, from painting to street art, from video and photo to architecture.

“My research focused on several fronts including land art and urban culture. I prefer simple lines similar to my graphic and architectural origins. I draw primitive design by graphic signs, illustrations and urban actions. My works are born from minimal culture where the shape represents the main idea. I think that my freehand drawing symbolizes abstract expressionism where I often feel to reach a perfect work.”

Check out below for more photos of “SYN”.

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