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“Chromatic Breakup” by Angel Toren in Murcia, Spain

March 9, 2022
1 min read
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Urban artist Angel Toren have recently worked on a new mural on the facade of Aspaym Murcia Organization, located in Murcia, Spain. The mural entitled “Chromatic Breakup” measures 300 square meters and was done in a span of 4 days.

Angel Toren follows the trail of a certain tradition of advertising mural painting. The one that was once labeled by hand by skilled painters. Many times, they painted the posters of theaters, cinemas and signs of establishments. And the same ones that today leave traces and proofs of their work on the walls of buildings or on the ground. There you have to place Angel Toren.

His training in graphic design and his interest in typography has led to the development of a work that moves between pictorial abstraction andcertain resources / errors of digital work.

Repetitions, optical games, frames, geometry, chromatic palettes, perspectives and three dimensions that, in the street, appear as large adjustment letters that capture theattention of the viewer. Organic, graphic and metallic real screen protectors.

Scroll down below to view more photos of Angel Toren’s mural.

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