Hendrik Beikrich aka ECB in Toulouse

Invited for the Rose Beton Festival in Toulouse,  German based artist Hendrik Beikrich painted a black and white portrait of a Morroccan man in the district of Empalot, particularly significant as many local residents are celebrating Ramadan. Check out more pictures of the mural in progress and come back again soon for further updates.

Hendrik ECB Beikirch in Marrakech

German artist Hendrick Beikirch aka ECB recently returned to Marrakech to continue his mural series ‘Tracing Morroco’ where he illustrates across the globe large portraits of Moroccan characters he met during his residency at Jardin Rouge in collaboration with the Montresso Fondation. This series of portraits depicted in the book ‘Tracing Morocco’ (covered here) is the result of encounters

St+Art India: “There Is Nowhere To Go But Everywhere” by ECB in New Delhi

Known for making monochromatic murals depicting anonymous personalities around the world, Germany based artist ecb Hendrik beikirch’s latest mural was recently completed in New Delhi for the excellent St+Art India event. Upon seeing his site which is an extremely industrial setting of a now defunct cement factory – next to one of the largest landfills

Books: Hendrik ECB Beikirch “Tracing Morocco”

Eternal wanderer of his time, Hendrick Beikirch aka ECB, in collaboration with the Montresso foundation, wanted to pay a tribute to Moroccan lines of work that are slowly going out of business, at least the way they nowadays persist. The idea came from the natural observation of the men and women who keep those gestures

ECB paints a new mural in Arce, Italy for Memorie Urbane

ECB recently stopped by Italy where he was invited to paint a new mural on the streets of Arce for the latest edition of Memorie Urbane.As usual with the German muralist, he quickly worked his way through this signature monochrome piece showing the portrait of an old woman accompanied by the text “FADMATAFZA”.Continue reading for

Ecb creates a brand new mural in New York City, USA

While we last heard from him a few months ago in Sweden, Ecb is now in New York City where he just finished working on a new mural.The German street artist dropped another one of his signature greyscale portrait and as usual the German artist has a true talent to mix tones of grey and

Hendrik Beikirch ECB Astor And Broadway” Limited Edition Print

German artist Hendrik Beikirch ECB, recently released his first ever limited edition artwork. After canvases and monumental murals worldwide, the artist decided to turn to a different medium.His focus on elderly people of the street, strangers with unknown stories, continues with this release. Four-colored silk screen print with a limited print run of 100 copies, is entitled

Hendrik Beikirch ECB paints large portraits in Ferropolis, Germany

Hendrik Beikirch ECB recently visited the former beating heart of German iron production – Ferropolis. During his stay, Koblenz born artist painted 6 of his signature large scale murals.Nowadays a theme park, an open museum, and a location for festivals, this place represents a monument of a golden industrial era. Hendrik’s idea was to pay tribute