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Gaia x Nanook x Ozmo x Matt Cogdil New Mural – Atlanta, USA

June 17, 2014
1 min read
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Gaia recently took part at Living Walls fest in Atlant, with this large collaboration wall with Nanook, Ozmo and Matt Cogdil. In his familiar style, “Boundary” is a collage of different images, elements and symbols of the city and area that the mural was painted in.
From three warped Bierstadt paintings with a fade of Mayor Hartsfield to H Rap Brown in the bottom corner, this large piece blends the different styles nicely into a large coherent image. Created in the industrial neighbourhood of West End in Atlanta, the wall was influenced by the history of the neighbourhood. West End was used as a buffer with the construction of Interstate 20 to prevent Mechanicsville and Pittsburgh encroaching further north into the downtown and the Mosley Park areas, and this image is a nod to that.

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