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As you may know by now, Borondo will make his London-debut next February as part of a special RexRomae Gallery pop-up on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch. Details have been minimal at best, but London-based Borondo just released a trailer video announcing his upcoming exhibition.

In his upcoming exhibition “Animal“, Gonzalo Borondo aims to explore the conflict between our innate animal instincts and our present lives, which are coated with the dependence of technology and our fear for the unknown. The show will be open to visitors from the 5th through the 28th of February.

Borondo’s work is poetic and evoking, inciting the public to pause and reflect on their own mortality—their memento mori—leaving all vanities and mass-media-influenced notions behind. “The biggest part of my work [is to] try to reflect our dramatic nature. I use the universal body-language to show the issues of the human condition.” With this in mind, the artist will take us through eight thematic spaces that include video installations and painting animations in collaboration with Carmen Maín (Spain), and sculpture installations, created together with Edoardo Tresoldi (Italy) and Despina Charitonidi (Greece).

“London is the place in Europe where things are happening” says Borondo, who was a passing resident of Hackney and now comes back to reveal his most extensive project yet. The solo show will be curated by Rom Levy and co-curator Charlotte Dutoit.

Check back with us soon for more images on this new exhibition and if you are a fan of Borondo, your intereste can be register at [email protected]


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